Series Launch: November 25

Timestorm is a children’s audio fiction series produced by Cocotazo Media.

When twelve-year-old twins Alexa and Beni Ventura are sucked into an inter-dimensional portal, they meet a distant cousin who presents them with an incredible mission: travel through time to uncover hidden moments from their culture’s past. Along the way, they meet people from Africa, Europe, and the Americas who have left their mark on Puerto Rican heritage…only their names aren’t found in history books.

The main cast includes Jennica Carmona, Leilany Figueroa, Alicia Rivas, Walter F. Rodriguez, Claudio Venancio, and Louis Vetter. Dania Ramos is the creator and writer. Michael Aquino is the sound designer and audio engineer.


Cocotazo Music showcases independent musicians and songwriters. Cocotazo Music produced Aquino's debut solo album Giants Will Fall (2015) as well as his follow-up EP City Stars (2017). Cocotazo Music also produced two digital benefit albums: Stuff This in Yer Face!, a compilation of Thanksgiving songs by various musicians, and Puerto Rico del Alma (2017) by Aquino and Deivito.


Cocotazo Audio Theatre features full-cast audio drama and audio fiction productions for all ears. This podcast is a cross between an audio drama anthology show and a traditional stage season. We present the work of writers and performers from all backgrounds with a focus on highlighting artists in the Latiné and Puerto Rican communities.

Our 2017 season featured short audio dramas by Ernio Hernandez (The Last Call), Tanya Pérez (Rincón), Dania Ramos (Hot Drinks), Summer Dawn Reyes (Something Inside That Head of Yours), and Edward Terhune (Unforeseen Circumstance). The 2018 season line up includes poetry, monologues, and dramas written by Nancy Méndez Booth, Deivis Garcia, Isabel Pask, Gloria E. Pérez, Dania Ramos, Walter Rodriguez, and J. F. Seary. We’ll be ending the 2018 season with a holiday special.


Michael Aquino 

Cocotazo Music - Producer / Musician
Cocotazo Audio Theatre - Audio Engineer / Composer / Musician
Timestorm - Audio Engineer / Composer / Musician

Michael Aquino is an audio engineer, musician, and actor. He's the sound designer and audio engineer for Timestorm and the Cocotazo Audio Theatre podcast. Michael has released two solo albums, Giants Will Fall (2015, Cocotazo Music) and City Stars (2018, Cocotazo Music). Music performance credits include the Cape May Singer-Songwriter Festival, Shack Radio Hour, BlowUp Radio’s Guitar Pull, Hillside Cafe, the Boro 6 Music Festival, the Madison Holiday Arts Festival, and Café Improv. As an actor, Michael has performed with Luna Stage, the American Globe Theatre, Dreamcatcher Rep, and Writers Theatre of New Jersey.  www.MichaelAquino.com

Dania Ramos

Cocotazo Audio Theatre - Writer / Production Manager / Director
Timestorm - Creator / Writer / Director

Dania Ramos is a writer and teaching artist. She’s the creator and writer of Timestorm and the production manager for the Cocotazo Audio Theatre podcast, which has featured her script Hot Drinks. Her stage plays have been produced or developed by Luna Stage, Writers Theatre of New Jersey, Speranza Theatre Company, Dreamcatcher Repertory Theatre, Repertorio Español, and Teatro Vivo. She’s also the author of the 7th Grade Sleuths mystery series. Dania has nineteen years of combined professional experience in arts education as a teaching artist, playwright, director, and program manager. www.DaniaRamos.com



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Giants Will Fall (2015)

Photo: Mike Peters
Design: Yaney Design

Cocotazo Audio Theatre Logo

Design: Michael Aquino

City Stars (2017)

Artwork: Gene-Manuel
Design: Michael Aquino

Timestorm Logo

Design: Hispanic Legacy Printmaking Studio


Stuff This in Yer Face! (2018)
Various Artists

Artwork & Design: Ernio Hernandez

Michael Aquino
Producer / Audio Engineer / Composer / Musician

Photo: Mike Peters

Puerto Rico del Alma (2017)
Aquino y Deivito

Artwork: Deivis Garcia
Design: Michael Aquino


Dania Ramos
Writer / Production Manager / Director / Series Creator

Photo: Michael Aquino



Badge-Winner-Music 3.png

"Blood Heart" (from The Last Call)
Best Music for a Self-contained Dramatic Production, 2017 Audio Verse Awards.
Lyrics: Ernio Hernandez; music: Michael Aquino.


Something Inside That Head of Yours
Best Audio Engineering for a Self-contained Comedic Production, 2017 Audio Verse Awards.
Audio Engineer: Michael Aquino.


City Stars in full is a vivid and diverse journey through a deeply creative mind. Aquino knows exactly how to connect with the multitude of feelings that the human condition experiences - where you can almost reach out and touch each variable emotion that is intricately woven into his music.
— Karla Harris, When the Horns Blows
This is Aquino’s debut album…and it’s a keeper.
— LMNOP aka dONW7, babysue.com
This episode is 4 poems about Puerto Rico after Maria, and each one tied me a little closer to my people, but especially those suffering on the mainland with me, a different kind of suffering. I heard myself in some of those, and I heard my friends, and I heard my family; to hear those accents, and that language, and those turns of phrase meant everything. That kind of audio doesn’t go away; it stays with you. Have you ever experienced soundscaped poetry? Poetry that’s had a score matched to it? Every performance was art made in the eye of a storm, and I will never forget how much it helped heal me, calm me, and held my hand as I stood up again on both feet.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, "Six Podcasts Episodes That Left Their Mark": elenafernandezcollins.com
Cocotazo Audio Theatre’s newest episode, “Open Mic: Puerto Rico,” is a collection of beautifully performed and designed poems dedicated to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Even if you aren’t Boricua, this will resonate with you.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, The Bello Collective
Giants Will Fall sports a wide range of sounds, textures and a relentless creative streak...
— Bob Cannon, The Montclair Times
Listening to some beautifully-produced music and this adapted tale of classic folkloric character, Martina the Cockroach, it all felt like coming home. It’s a feel-good, smile-big kind of story; just what I needed.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, Audio Dramatic
There is a connectivity running through the songs that is held together by excellent musicianship and Aquino’s emotional and honest delivery.
— Ed Magdziak, You Don't Know Jersey