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Cocotazo Audio Theatre features full-cast audio drama and audio fiction productions for all ears. This podcast is a cross between an audio drama anthology show and a traditional stage season. We present the work of writers and performers from all backgrounds with a focus on highlighting artists in the Latiné and Puerto Rican communities.

Our 2017 season featured short audio dramas by Ernio Hernandez (The Last Call), Tanya Pérez (Rincón), Dania Ramos (Hot Drinks), Summer Dawn Reyes (Something Inside That Head of Yours), and Edward Terhune (Unforeseen Circumstance). The 2018 season line up includes poetry, monologues, and dramas written by Nancy Méndez Booth, Deivis Garcia, Isabel Pask, Gloria E. Pérez, Dania Ramos, Walter Rodriguez, and J. F. Seary. We’ll be ending the 2018 season with a holiday special.


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2017 Season


2018 Season

2018 Audio Verse Award Finalist for Audio Engineering: Martina and the Musician (Audio Engineer: Michael Aquino)
2018 Audio Verse Award Finalist for Writing: Martina and the Musician (Writer: Dania Ramos)
2017 Audio Verse Award for Music: "Blood Heart" from The Last Call (Lyrics: Ernio Hernandez; Music: Michael Aquino)
2017 Audio Verse Award for Audio Engineering: Something Inside That Head of Yours (Audio Engineer: Michael Aquino)
2017 Audio Verse Award Finalists for Writing: Hot Drinks (Writer: Dania Ramos) & Rincón (Writer: Tanya Pérez)
2017 Audio Verse Award Finalists for Music: “Cape May Warbler” from Hot Drinks & “C.A.T. Festival Theme” (Lyrics & music: Michael Aquino)
2017 Audio Verse Award Finalists for Self-contained Production: Hot Drinks, The Last Call & Rincón

Listening to some beautifully-produced music and this adapted tale of classic folkloric character, Martina the Cockroach, it all felt like coming home. It’s a feel-good, smile-big kind of story; just what I needed.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, Audio Dramatic
Cocotazo Audio Theatre’s newest episode, “Open Mic: Puerto Rico,” is a collection of beautifully performed and designed poems dedicated to Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria. Even if you aren’t Boricua, this will resonate with you.
— Elena Fernández-Collins, The Bello Collective