Timestorm is a children’s audio fiction series produced by Cocotazo Media with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program.

The Ventura twins are yanked into another dimension where they meet a distant cousin who gives them an extraordinary mission: travel through time to preserve their culture’s true history. In the twenty-first century, the twins must navigate school, friendship, and family while keeping their time-traveling quests a secret.

Timestorm Live Stages 2019 )Phot by New Jersey theatre Alliance

Timestorm Live Stages 2019 )Phot by New Jersey theatre Alliance



Cocotazo Music showcases independent musicians and songwriters.

Cocotazo Music produced Aquino's debut solo album Giants Will Fall (2015) as well as his follow-up EP City Stars (2017). Cocotazo Music also produced two digital benefit albums: Stuff This in Yer Face!, a compilation of Thanksgiving songs by various musicians, and Puerto Rico del Alma (2017) by Aquino and Deivito.

Stuff This in Yer Face Album Relase Party (photo by Cocotazo Media)

Stuff This in Yer Face Album Relase Party (photo by Cocotazo Media)


Cocotazo Audio Theatre features full-cast audio drama, audio fiction, and spoken word productions for all ears.

Past seasons have featured audio dramas, monologues, and spoken word by Deivis Garcia, Ernio Hernandez,  Isabel Pask, Gloria E. Pérez, Tanya Pérez, Dania Ramos, Summer Dawn Reyes, Walter Rodriguez, J. F. Seary, and Edward Terhune. This podcast is currently on hiatus.

The Cocotazo Audio Theatre Holiday Show (PHOTO by Cocotazo MEDIA)

The Cocotazo Audio Theatre Holiday Show (PHOTO by Cocotazo MEDIA)


Michael Aquino 

Timestorm - Producer / Audio Engineer / Sound Desgner / Composer
Cocotazo Music
- Producer / Musician
Cocotazo Audio Theatre - Producer / Audio Engineer / Sound Desgner / Composer

Michael Aquino is the audio engineer, sound designer, and composer for Timestorm and the Cocotazo Audio Theatre podcast. He’s also a musician, actor, and teaching artist. Solo albums: Giants Will Fall (Cocotazo Music 2015), City Stars (Cocotazo Music 2017). Compilations produced: Puerto Rico del Alma (Cocotazo Music 2017), Stuff This in Yer Face (Cocotazo Music 2018). Audio Verse Awards (Music & Engineering, Self-contained Production). MichaelAquino.com

Dania Ramos

Timestorm - Series creator / Producer / Writer / Showrunner / Voice director
Cocotazo Audio Theatre
- Writer / Producer / Voice director

Dania Ramos the series creator and writer of Timestorm and co-producer of the Cocotazo Audio Theatre podcast. She’s also a playwright, teaching artist, and author of the children’s series The 7th Grade Sleuths. Nuestras Voces Finalist (Repertorio Español); NJ State Council on the Arts Fellowship recipient; Latino Book Award (Best YA eBook); ILBA Mariposa Award finalist; Sakura Medal nominee, Audio Verse Awards nominee (Writing, Self-contained Production). DaniaRamos.com

Andrew Siañez-De La O

Timestorm - Scriptwriter

Andrew Siañez-De La O is a Chicanx fiction writer and playwright from El Paso, Texas. He’s a playwright fellow for Company One, Boston and a PlayLab Writer for Pipeline Theatre Company, NYC). AndrewSianezDeLaO.com



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Puerto Rico del Alma (Deivito y Aquino) - Bandcamp
City Stars
(Aquino) - Amazon • CD Baby • iTunes
Giants Will Fall (Aquino) - Amazon • CD Baby • Google Play • iTunes


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Giants Will Fall (2015)

Photo: Mike Peters
Design: Yaney Design

Cocotazo Audio Theatre Logo

Design: Michael Aquino

City Stars (2017)

Artwork: Gene-Manuel
Design: Michael Aquino

Timestorm Logo

Design: Hispanic Legacy Printmaking Studio

Stuff This in Yer Face Compilation Album Art

Stuff This in Yer Face! (2018)
Various Artists

Artwork & Design: Ernio Hernandez

Michael Aquino
Producer / Audio Engineer / Composer / Musician

Photo: Mike Peters

Puerto Rico del Alma (2017)
Aquino y Deivito

Artwork: Deivis Garcia
Design: Michael Aquino


Dania Ramos
Writer / Production Manager / Director / Series Creator

Photo: Michael Aquino




2017 Audio Verse Awards Badge Winner Music 3.png
2017 Audio Verse Awards Badge Winner Engineering.png

"Blood Heart" (from The Last Call)
Best Music for a Self-contained Dramatic Production, 2017 Audio Verse Awards.
Lyrics: Ernio Hernandez; music: Michael Aquino.


Something Inside That Head of Yours
Best Audio Engineering for a Self-contained Comedic Production, 2017 Audio Verse Awards.
Audio Engineer: Michael Aquino.



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Audio Drama Rama - Interview with Dania (Alex Hensley)

Created by the powerhouse team behind Cocotazo Media, Timestorm centers on Puerto Rican twins Alexa and Benito Ventura, and their lives as they time travel in order to observe and record history of their ancestors. The representation here is strong in creators and cast, as well as in the message it sends about histories that have been erased by colonization and oppression. It takes a positive and hopeful outlook, even when characters are grappling with the oncoming Hurricane María, in school bullying, and keeping their time travel a secret.
— Elena Fernández Collins, Discover Pods
There is a connectivity running through the songs that is held together by excellent musicianship and Aquino’s emotional and honest delivery.
— Ed Magdziak, You Don't Know Jersey
Timestorm’s strength is in their characters, in learning about their relationships and their attitudes, and in that promised balance between the twenty-first century and whatever far-off time they’re exploring,
— Elena Fernández Collins, elenafernandezcollins.com
This is Aquino’s debut album…and it’s a keeper.
— LMNOP aka dONW7, babysue.com
Listening to some beautifully-produced music and this adapted tale of classic folkloric character, Martina the Cockroach, it all felt like coming home. It’s a feel-good, smile-big kind of story; just what I needed.
— Elena Fernández Collins, Audio Dramatic
This episode is 4 poems about Puerto Rico after Maria, and each one tied me a little closer to my people, but especially those suffering on the mainland with me, a different kind of suffering. I heard myself in some of those, and I heard my friends, and I heard my family; to hear those accents, and that language, and those turns of phrase meant everything. That kind of audio doesn’t go away; it stays with you. Have you ever experienced soundscaped poetry? Poetry that’s had a score matched to it? Every performance was art made in the eye of a storm, and I will never forget how much it helped heal me, calm me, and held my hand as I stood up again on both feet.
— Elena Fernández Collins, elenafernandezcollins.com
Giants Will Fall sports a wide range of sounds, textures and a relentless creative streak...
— Bob Cannon, The Montclair Times
Timestorm tackles two issues simultaneously: the reclaiming of culture and history of minorities, by minorities, and the emotional devastation that natural disasters leave behind. In many ways, these two huge issues all revolve around one thing: the destruction of memory.
— Alex Hensley, Audio Drama Rama
City Stars in full is a vivid and diverse journey through a deeply creative mind. Aquino knows exactly how to connect with the multitude of feelings that the human condition experiences - where you can almost reach out and touch each variable emotion that is intricately woven into his music.
— Karla Harris, When the Horns Blows