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RE-LAUNCH 8/1/19






Timestorm is an audio fiction series produced by Cocotazo Media.

The Ventura twins are sucked into another dimension where they meet a distant cousin who gives them an extraordinary mission: travel through time to preserve their culture’s true history. Along the way, they meet people from Africa, Europe, and the Americas who have left their mark on Puerto Rican heritage. In the twenty-first century, Alexa and Beni navigate school, friendship, and family while keeping their time-traveling quests a secret. When a natural disaster devastates islands across the Caribbean, the twins understand what’s at stake for their ancestral homeland. As Puerto Rico faces an uncertain future, the twins do all they can to witness, find, and remember its past.

Timestorm is produced by Cooctazo Media with support from PRX and the Google Podcasts creator program.



Dania Ramos

Michael Aquino

Leilany Figueroa · Claudio Venancio
Jennica Carmona · Alicia Rivas · Walter F. Rodriguez · Orlando Segarra

Philipe AbiYouness · Joel D. Arandia · Jessica Bracken
Amanda Faison · Christine Mariani · Frances Ramos

Juan Cartagena
Aurora Mendez

Alyssa Bracken · Amanda Bracken · Mia Diaz · Alina Figueroa · Luis Figueroa
A. R. Garcia · Ernio Hernandez · Isabel Pask · Alexis Pérez
Carlos Ponton · Isabella Ramirez · Marilyn Ricco · J. F. Seary · Emilio Zappa


Michael Aquino · Ernio Hernandez · Yadier Johnson · Joseph Langham
Dania Ramos · Emily Smith · Ed Terhune

...audio fiction with a mission, a fun kids’ sci-fi show that embeds its Latinx history message in young-adult appropriate adventures. — Eve Batey, Inside Podcasting
— Eve Batey, Inside Podcasting
The representation here is strong in creators and cast, as well as in the message it sends about histories that have been erased by colonization and oppression. It takes a positive and hopeful outlook, even when characters are grappling with the oncoming Hurricane María, in school bullying, and keeping their time travel a secret.
— Elena Fernández Collins, Discover Pods
Timestorm tackles two issues simultaneously: the reclaiming of culture and history of minorities, by minorities, and the emotional devastation that natural disasters leave behind.
— Alex Hensley, Audio Drama Rama
The show masterfully interweaves life in the modern day with a past that’s often overwritten; listeners experience both the lives of the Ventura family on the mainland while Hurricane Maria ravages Puerto Rico and the thoughtful stories of marginalized peoples — stories that scrap the lens of colonization, but never forget its effects, and celebrate Puerto Rican ancestral history.
— Elena Fernández Collins, The Bello Collective
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